What You Don’t Respect, What You Don’t Honour, What You Don’t Celebrate, You Can Never Attract.


This is a universal law that makes men great and hinders the progress of others depending on how it is applied. Some people will forever succeed in life and be kings because they respect and honour authority. Whilst others will perpetually remain servants because they have no regards for authority.

I have observed this law work in Ghanaian politics over and over again. In Ghana we believe we have freedom of speech, speech is decriminalised so we are very opinionated about almost everything to the extent that children administer raw insult to adults in the name of politics. So far as it is a game of politics we believe there is nothing wrong with it. Both the NDC and NPP have insulting brigade that exchanges fire everyday on our airwaves and on social media.

But I have observed a trend about this law play out in our politics since the 4th Republican constitution.

JA Kuffour who was seeking to unseat President Rawlings had a unique posture from the rest of his party members. His arguments were civil, he attacked policies of the ruling government without attacking personalities, he was gentle and he never for once used insult on the president or denigrates the presidency. This earned him the accolade “the gentle giant”. His respect and high regard for the office he was seeking won him the presidency.

JEA Mill was a soft spoken man who campaigned on his party manifesto to win power. One glaring attribute about him was his docility and calmness. He never for once rained insults on the president or call him names. He was hated for his over compromising nature. Even some called him a poodle because of his demeanour. His peaceful nature and pacifist approach to issues earned him the “Asomdwehene” accolade.

JD Mahama was the communication director for his party in opposition. He is always with this calm posture in his debates, always smiling even when jabs are thrown at him. He was respectful and a responsible communicator. You will never see John Mahama calling the president names or making a demeaning statement at the presidency. He was most often accused by his own party for being an NPP mole just because he chose the path of civility and decency.

What you celebrate and honour, you attract! They have all attracted to themselves the presidency. We are yet to see a boisterous and insulting person becoming a President.

My advice to my fellow youth: if you care about your future learn the way of the wise and shun the evil politics of insults. Do civil politics and always give respect where it is due. Not in only politics but all facets of life, be it Education, Career, Ministry, Society, Marriage etc.

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Marriage Is Good And There Is No Argument About That


  1. Marriage is good and it God’s gift to mankind for us to enjoy. A Godly marriage gives joy and happiness. It provides you with companionship saves you from depression, gives you protection. Those who say it doesn’t matter only say so in their delusional state of mind.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)

  1. Marriage releases a special favour from God that is exclusive to marriage couples. No matter how anointed and blessed you are, you will not taste of that special favour unless you are married.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22)

  1. Sex is good, the body crave for it from time to time but sex is bad when the context is wrong. Sex outside marriage is fornication and a sin before God. Marriage guarantees you free sex and you can be indiscriminate about it and God no go vex!

Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. (1 Corinthians 7:1-2)

  1. Marriage put you in a good position to exercise your dominion mandate over the earth. You beget children in wedlock; it gives you the joy of bearing fruits the Godly way. You get to enjoy a proper family life and rule over the world.

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” (Genesis 1:28)

  1. Marriage gives you a combined force over your adversaries both physically and spiritually. That is why the devil hates marriage so he frustrates people from getting married and also fight marriages so that he can divide and rule. What married couple could achieve in a fight (Be it physical or spiritual) at a go, it takes ten times the effort of a single to achieve the same result.

“One man can chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight” (Deuteronomy 32:29-31 and Joshua 23:10)

However you can abstain from all these benefits for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom of God. (Mathew 19:10-12)

But if not then you are missing out on some goodies of life. If you desire it but marriage is difficult for you, it could be a spiritual fight that you must be prepared to take on! Ask God and he will give you a good man or woman to marry. If you have been asking for long and you have still not received then you have not been forceful enough. The kingdom of God permits force, and the forceful shall obtain so must apply force!

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.(Mathew 11:12)

Marriage is good! Get married and take control………


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Successful Women And Marriage

Success ful women

I know women have been suppressed and cheated for a long time. Yes they have suffered so many abuses in the hands of men. But in trying to fight for emancipation and empowerment, some women try to disrupt the cause of nature and turn to assume masculinity as a way of victory over oppression. They measure success as controlling wealth, reaching the pinnacle of their careers and becoming equal with men. Most of these women make the arguments that they don’t need men to be successful. Yes I agree, even nobody necessarily needn’t anybody to be successful. The only one we all need is God, because in my view success comes about through hard work and grace. Now success can be viewed in different dimensions, after the wealth and the status, you can only be deemed successful in the eye of the world but that success must translate into happiness to make you complete. If you can boast of emotional and spiritual success after the physical success, then bingo you are really solid.

My point, you will most of the time find women who are successful talking down on marriage. They usually go like “I don’t need marriage to be successful”. Yes marriage is not created to propel success. You don’t need marriage to be accepted and respected in society. But God who is all knowing, the father of wisdom and the creator of the body, soul and spirit after creating man said “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE” Man here is referring to mankind, so he will created a “HELP MEET” for him. So you see? He deposited something in every man that needs to be complemented so he created marriage as the institution that takes care of that need.

He then gave rules to govern this institution. Explicitly he said “MEN LOVE YOUR WIVES AND LAY DOWN YOUR LIVES FOR THEM AS CHRIST LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR THE CHURCH” and “WOMEN SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBANDS AS THE CHURCH SUBMITTED TO CHRIST” the word of God is timeless and transcends all seasons and generations. God is not forcing marriage on us either; he has given us the free will to decide our own destinies. Even the Apostle Paul advised that men and women can choose the path of celibacy “Staying Unmarried” for the sole cause of serving God. And if you cannot control your burning desires then let every man have his own wife and every woman her own husband. So if you choose not to marry as a successful woman let it solely be to the service of God. In that way God who is your husband will take care of your emotional and spiritual needs.

If you are a successful woman and you see the need to be complemented by a man, who God has created to take care of your emotional and spiritual needs, then also be ready to abide by the rules of the institution “SUBMISSION” by that way the peace of God that surpassed all understanding will be resident in your marriage. If marriage has become difficult for you as a successful woman, do not suffer in the quiet but also don’t settle for less, rather stay right and earnestly seek the face of God and he that is faithful will give you the right partner. If you are not ready to take any of the options above as a successful woman and you believe you can satisfy your emotional and spiritual needs through any unconventional means outside the bible. Good luck with your success then!

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AFRICA JUST GOT A LEADER: Before You Do Anything First Ask Yourself, What Will Magufuli Do?


John Pombe Magufuli is the new president of Tanzania; he succeeded President Jakaya Kikwete after the October 25 elections in Tanzania. The 55 years old teacher turn politician was inaugurated in to office last month 5th November. Prior to his inauguration as President, he was the minister of works. He literally defined the ministry by his own works. He was the epitome of work. Magufuli was work personified and that earned him the nickname “Bulldozer” Now after his inauguration as President barely one month ago, Magufuli is causing a stir, not only in East Africa or Africa alone but in the world. The following are his radical austerity stance towards government spending. This is how he ruled Tanzania in 25 days.

1. Immediately after his inauguration, he scrapped Tanzania’s independence celebrations, choosing instead to spend money on sanitation, fighting cholera and new beds and equipment for hospitals. Declaring it shameful to be “spending huge amounts of money to celebrate 54 years of independence when our people are dying of cholera”, He then instructed that on the independence day, every household will be required to participate in a nationwide clean-up campaign.

2. A state dinner for the official opening of the country’s parliament was going to cost 300m Tanzanian shillings (£92,500). He slashed the budget to 25m and ordered that the rest of the money be used to buy 300 hospital beds and 600 sheets.

3. He placed a moratorium on foreign travel, meaning no more first-class tickets for government officials (with the exception of the president, vice-president, and prime minister) or expensive hotels and cars.

4. Lavish cocktail parties and dinners hosted by public institutions have been cut back.

5. He prohibited public officials from sending Christmas and New Year cards from the government’s budget. He said the funds set aside for the printing of these cards will instead be used to pay off government debts.

6. He said instead of sponsoring the annual World Aids Day exhibition, the money budgeted for the event will be used to buy drugs for HIV patients.

Today on twitter and other social media, the hashtag is trending #WhatwillMagufulido? Before you incur any expenditure be it necessary, justified or not ask yourself first #WhatwillMagufulido?

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A Letter to Striking Ghanaian Doctors


Franklin Yayra Adorsu-Djentuh
Kudzra Road, Behind Sports Stadium
P.O. Box KD 28
Kpando, Gabi
Volta Region
Ghana, West Africa

Dear Doctors

I just can’t wait for your resignation on Friday as you have promised. Please don’t fail us because we are too anxious for it. What a history it will be? We reckon we can’t pay for our lives and only God can save us all. I have few career tips for you in your next career move after friday since you want a more fetching career like the politician.

1. You may consider forming a political party or joining one and voila you are a politician. You can then start earning fat allowance as you always envied the politician who has not got any high educational background. Fortunately some of your colleagues are politicians so you can take cue from them. 2016 is just around the corner so get your political boots on for business….

2. You can start training to become a footballer as well. Remember the USD$ 100,000 world cup bonus row? Yeah they were sorted out within seconds and footballers with no educational qualifications obviously earn more than you. Hope you followed the exploits of Asamoah Gyan in recent times. He earns 100 times your annual salary.

3. You can also train to become a rapper. I heard Musicians with no or little educational qualifications are earning very cool cash. I always disputed this assertion until Sarkodie dole out USD$ 25,000.00 to Ace Hood just to feature in his music video. This obviously validated Sarkodie’s lyrical phrase “money no be the problem” So when you doctors start rapping, money no go be your problem.

4. What about business? Business does pay too. I hear business men are very wealthy. The recent wealthiest Ghanaians list published were all business men and women. I don’t know about their educational backgrounds but what I know for sure is that they don’t have PhD’s. Do you need a seed capital to start? The president just launched a venture capital fund for entrepreneurs. Try assessing that and let’s see how it goes.

I am going on this tangent with you simply because you have made us to understand that the motive of your profession as “life savers” is rather based on economic considerations and not humanitarianism as I have always perceived erroneously. Wishing you well in your new endeavours in case you have the balls to carry out your threat.

A Concerned Citizen

The Duke of Gabi

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A Letter to My Future Wife………… Part I

letter writing

Franklin Yayra Adorsu-Djentuh
Kudzra Road, Behind Sports Stadium
P.O. Box KD 28
Kpando, Gabi
Volta Region
Ghana, West Africa

Dear Future Wife,
It is with great pleasure and thankful heart to our lord Jesus Christ to have the grace of life to write you this letter. Allow me to give you a sneak peek into what my perception about our future union should be like. As typical of every young man’s perception of marriage, they are full of fantasies and a virtual idealistic fairy tale that ends happily ever after. I dare say am not an exception, nevertheless I have grown to appreciate the complications of human nature with different personality traits and temperaments. I have come to accept the convolutions of cohabitation. Though i have not cohabitated before but “cohabiting” with my own mother and aunties predisposed me to some of the challenges of living together as adults , so I don’t expect anything exceptional in marriage.

I understand Marriage is like a swinging pendulum which has fair and dark sides, so for one to survive is to be psychologically prepared and mentally matured to embrace the up and down moments it comes with. Nevertheless our individual eccentric natures and idiosyncrasies are something we can’t completely do away with in other to accommodate each other. That is the baggage we have to bring along to the marriage and I believe we must both be kind enough to accept and deal with each others baggage but please make sure your baggage is not in excess of 100kg. The excess baggage always become the weight that torpedoes the boat, so let us be reasonable to jettison the excess as a form of sacrifice in other to have a smooth sailing to the shore. I acknowledge am only human, fallible and mortal so I don’t think of myself so highly, neither do i think lowly of myself either. Am seriously working on reducing the weight of my excess baggage for our sake and I expect same from you.

But to make matters better, I want to give you the opportunity to enter in to my head to understand the architectural engineering of my thinking faculty and also expose to you some of the faulty wires in there so that you can start studying the electronics of the circuit connections and how to possibly fix them when they get touched wrongly along the way. I hear there is something called gender right and equality, yes I have studied about it in school and have promoted it in diverse way for the liberation of suffering women in abusive marriages in our society. You can call me a gender advocate but that phrase “equal right” cannot work between you and I. You and I are not equal. No! God did not create us equal.

I have always been against that phrase “equal rights”. What our women need is “empowerment” not competition with men. You have rights that I don’t have so do I also have rights that you don’t have. We have different rights and responsibilities and that is how God has ordained it. You are so unique that i can’t compare myself to you, and vice versa. Let’s accept our different God given roles, be in our respective lanes and not try any path crossing. Gender right is very important in this our era but let us leave equality issues to suffering women in abusive marriages. Our marriage does not need the equality medicine because my prayer is that we will be fine.

I expect you to be highly intellectual and professionally astute but PhD won’t work with me. Your educational qualification is for your professional life and not marriage life, so I will hang mine at the door post when entering our home and I expect you to do same. Sometimes couples want to use tittles and status to make case and complicate issues but I see them as the manipulations of the devil to rift marriages apart, I will support you to the pinnacle of your career so that I can be that proud husband but not for you to become my lord at home. At home we both have one title to our names and nothing else. You are wife and i am husband full stop. Just do for me what the bible have instructed the church to do for Christ and I will do what Christ did for the church. This is not a conditional clause though but a concurrent action. Even if the church misbehaves Christ will still love and died for the church so I don’t intend doing any different so just be focus on your responsibilities as a submissive wife and we will be happy together.

Sorry to let you know this but am a very disorganised person and I have sought different treatment but the more I tried the more I get disorganised. The last doctor I met diagnosed you for me. He says when you come to my life everything will be organised. I believe he is saying the truth but if you know you cannot organised me then please let me be. I need help and as God promised Adam he will give him a help meet so do I expect you to be my help meet in all aspect. Also I am a bit uncompromising in whatever i believe in, it takes a lot of persuasion to change my mind. If you decided to pick a fight with me over that, you will end up hurting our relationship because that won’t change my mind either. But we can work it through love rather and there will be an agreement. Where there is love, there is a way. As the bible puts it, love conquers it all. Am very easy going and compromising though, just a little stubbornness.

You have been hearing the adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” that adage was very much coined for me. A sumptuous meal is my “Achilles hill” so you can image what the absence of that will do to me. I was always thrilled about the way my grandmother used to serve my grandfather meals with the best part. I always relished that day when I get to that position of my grandfather to be served meals on table. I hear that is archaic tradition so women don’t cook and serve their husbands anymore because they are busily working to bring money home and also handling other weightier matters other than domestic chores. I hear they are called career women. But this has been my dream marriage and this is all I have been working for so how do we balance the home and the work so that I don’t get rob of my aspirations as a husband. Please don’t tell me to go marry unemployed village woman or help myself with food in the fridge, don’t tell me you are not a slave, don’t tell me am living with a 19th century mentality. Is this too much to ask as a husband?

Just imagine this, I have been queuing for waakyee and kenkey for the past decades I have hustle to have a nice meal at home and now that God has bless me by giving you to me as a help mate, why should equal right, educational qualification, modernity and career rob me of this blessings. I don’t expect much from you but just some basic needs that make me feel complete as a man. One of my motives of entering in to the marriage is for you to manage my life and stomach well and effectively. I love fufu and palmnut soup, I know I can’t get this often as I may wish but at least weekends will be fine. But please no “Neat Fufu” I will be around to help pound it but even if am not around to help, I trust you can find a way around it.

Thought I understand marriage is supposed to open without secrets, but I don’t intend to loose my privacy either in certain matters. I am not buying you neither are you going to buy me. What we should have is a respected partnership and i promise i won’t rob you of your freedom and social life. I don’t intend to make you a prisoner in marriage, so do l expect you to give me that free hand to operate if the need be. I don’t want any restrictions and I don’t intend restricting you unnecessarily either (thought i may use my right as the head if the need be in some cases) but let us be reasonable with each other, there should be no military orders, only suggestions and advice which should be worked through love. I hope this does not offend you in anyway, i know you may have concerns about certain aspect of my make up but there can be improvement and the medicine for that is love through your lifestyle not argument. This is where i want to end my first letter to you. There are more to come. Kindly contact me for clarification on any issue that does not sit well with you. My regards to our future children.

Your Future Husband.
The Duke of Gabi

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Qualification to become a Member of Parliament: Maturity, Experience or Wisdom?

francisca oteng

The largest opposition party made history over the weekend when they elected a 22 years old law student of the KNUST Francisca Oteng Mensah to represent the NPP in Kwabre East constituency in the 2016 Parliamentary election. This raised a lot of eyebrows and has become a major talking point on the Ghanaian media landscape especially on social media. These avalanches of opinions are most expected since this is the first of its kind. Even when we thought the youngest we could go was with 25 years old Dominic Nitiwul, who took everyone by surprise and snatched the Bimbila seat from NDC after the exit of Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas. I was particularly excited about this new development in our political arena but not everyone is amused. Whiles some saw it as a great political stride others deemed it retrogression and an insult to our democracy.

I mostly don’t like getting into convoluted political debates that ends up in a lot of noise without achieving any end, but am compel this time round to express an opinion because of some absurd and garble criticism being poured on Francisca Oteng Mensah and her constituent party delegate for electing her to represent their constituency in parliament. (I consider her an automatic MP because of the seat she is representing. It is very safe a seat to fail). The age and experience debate beats my mind a great deal. I have heard, and read people talk about how delegates were influence with money to send a “toddler” into the legislature, without any restrain. I have also heard the criticism ofthe NPP vetting committee about how they threw caution to the wind and passed a “toddler” fit to contest for parliament. But those criticisms I find very pedestrian since the vetting committee did not do their work based on personal and emotional considerations but within the confined of the law. The constitution of the country is clear on qualification criteria of a Member of Parliament. Aside, the party has their own criteria and if the lady passed all those, then what are the qualms about?

To understand their concerns better, it takes maturity and experience to become a lawmaker or a government official. But how is that proven scientifically? Is there any empirical research into the correlation between age and performance in the public service? Kindly refer me if there is one. I would also want to know if wisdom is deposited in age? The cliché of an adage about Methuselah and Solomon has being with us in ages past and I wouldn’t go into such banalities. The people making the age arguments are well aware of this and have not missed the point.

I am least amused about the rich dad and the money argument in the case of Francisca Oteng Mensah. What have the numerous rich kids in this country done with their parent’s wealth? Majority party all day and lead lives that makes their parents regrets their wealth. The fact that a child has been able to identify the father’s wealth as a source to tap into greatness, a source to become prominent, a source to become an agent of change in her society alone is a display of wisdom. Whiles other rich kids are partying and doping, Francisca has decided to become a lawyer and a senior lawmaker in Ghana’s legislature at a tender age of 22 year.

As for the monetization of our politics, it’s not a Ghanaian problem. The kind of economy we are bedeviled with and the Machiavellian nature of politics make it almost impossible to win an election just by word of mouth. Even if the criticism of her vote buying was true, it only goes to show that she is a wise vote buyer because all others equally paid for votes but couldn’t take delivery of what they paid for. It’s like the African political adage that says that in elections everyone rigs, but the person who rigs best wins. If I should have the option to choose among two thieves to work with in other to accomplish a mission, I will choose the smarter thief because he/she may have the ability to deliver on the job with his/her ingenuity than the dump thief. So if we all hold money entering into a contest and little Francisca is able to do good job with her money to get the electorate on her side then she is smarter than all and deserves the seat.

When it comes to matters of experience, I cringe when people make the argument that political office should be reserved for accomplished individuals and professionals. Good argument but does that necessarily equate political experience? How does one being a business mogul or a bank manager translate into political experience? How does that make you a better lawmaker? Some also say to occupier such high political office; one must go through the mill. What I want to know is this, where is the starting points of the political mill? And who determines that starting point? Is it being a class prefect, Assemble man, Presiding member, MP or a deputy minister?

Ghana is in such a mess after decades of our democracy and we can confidently say most our top politicians and MP’s were experience people in their previous professional endeavours but what have they got to show after all these years? We still can’t manage sanitation, enforce laws manage our economy, and the list goes on, yet we still stand on roof top and shout experience. We don’t need experience because experience has failed us. What we need in this country is wisdom, because our entire problem in this country is neither due to age maturity or experience but lack of wisdom. As the bible puts it right, for lack of knowledge, my people perish. We are perishing in this country because we lack wisdom. The people who died in the June 3 disaster perished because we lack the wisdom to do what we ought to have done to protect our citizens.

In the history of world’s greatest inventions, the individuals behind them were not the most experienced and the old but sometimes the young and foolish which we don’t really respect and give attention. Where were the great ICT professors and gurus until little Mark Zuckerberg of yesterday? It is the same way God moves too. He chooses things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. If the whole of Israel with their top generals and gargantuan military accoutrements could not stand up to the uncircumcised Philistine Goliath and it has to take the young and inexperienced David to liberate them from the terror of the giant, then why do we think young people in politics is a parody of the game? Why do we think youth in public office is synonymous with mediocrity? Some may criticize these kid- politicians for their lack of experience, but does that stop them from working to make a difference.

I know most of us are limited to our political terrain and may not know what pertains elsewhere. So kindly allow me to bring happenings in other places to illuminate current happenings in our context. In the world largest and elite democracies very young people are making waves, some even younger than Francisca. Let me recount some of the few incredible lads making waves in politics all over the world to you.

Pierre-Luc Dusseaulta 23 years old canadian was elected as the MP for Sherbrooke, Quebec as a member of the NDP when he was only 19. Now 23, he has accomplished quite a bit in his short time in office; he has twice served as the chair of the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics committee. He received a diploma in social studies from Sherbrooke General and Vocational College and was studying applied politics at the University of Sherbrooke when he was elected. It was in university where his political prowess started to take shape as he founded an NDP student group at the University of Sherbrooke. He is the youngest MP in the history of Canadian politics. Does this ring any bell? Ok let take a look at few others.

Wyatt Roy, Australia was 24 When he was elected as a member of the Parliament of Australia for the district of Longman, Wyatt Roy was a mere 20 years old; he is the youngest person ever to be elected to parliament in Australia. His only experience is that he spent much of his youth working on his parent’s farm and learning the ins and outs of the business. According to him after studying political science in university, and hearing many people complain about the state of affairs in government, he got the urge to enter politics so he could make a difference and records have shown that he is indeed making a difference.

In our backyard in Uganda, Proscovia Alengot Oromait, a 21 year oldin 2012 at the age of 19 stood and was elected as a member of parliament. Now 21 years old, she is the youngest person ever elected to office in not only Uganda but the entire African continent. She is very prominent on issues of environment, health policy, gender issues and education. She was elected fresh out of high school and is currently also enrolled at the Uganda Christian University where she is studying mass communications. Even when people complete school they still go to school, so what is the argument about student public office holders? She is excelling as an MP and has already indicated her intention to run for presidency when she attain the constitutional age.

These are just but few examples among the many young people all over the world holding high political offices and are making waves. Francisca only found herself in the group of such smart youngsters who are determined to shape policy to the development of their people. Such young people need more encouragement and counsel from the older ones to achieve their goals not rather push them down. Young people are more active with much zeal and temerity to contribute than even the so called old frayed and experienced ones who have to deal with so many personal and mid-life issues.

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